Credit Application

Credit Application

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Certifications & Confidentiality

My digital signature below certifies that the information contained in this application is accurate to the best of my knowledge. I hereby grant permission to Dixon Construction Co. Inc. or its designated agent to verify any or all information contained herein with respect to this application. I understand that you will retain the application whether or not it is approved. Dixon Construction Co. Inc. and/or its Affiliates, is authorized to check my credit and my employment history and to answer any questions about their credit experience with me. I agree that this information shall be used to investigate my creditworthiness and Dixon Construction Co. Inc. and/or its affiliates, shall be held harmless in its investigation. I also give permission for my credit history and employment history to be examined in the future, as an ongoing investigation on my account. I understand that the information in this application is strictly confidential, and is provided solely for the purposes of determining my eligibility for rental. No information contained herein will be released to any other local, state, or federal agency for any purpose without my express written consent.

Verification of any of the information contained in this application may be obtained from any source named herein.